Aquatone Artist Watercolour – The Grey Set (10*15ml tubes)

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This set contains a set of 15ml tubes of the grey colours from Aquatone Artist Watercolours. Greys are the workhorse of many artists, used to create lines, shadows, details and light effects. While some painters use a basic grey (a mixture of black and white), most artists use complementary colour mixes or black pigmented paint modified with another colour to create greys with variations within them – just as grey appears in real life. Choosing whether you want a warm, cool or neutral grey can set the whole atmosphere of your painting. With that in mind Aquatone has created this set of 10 grey watercolours, each of which produces a unique effect, giving you a quick base to use by itself or to mix in with your normal watercolour palette.


This set contain the following colours:

  • W901 Titanium White
  • W902 Buff Titanium
  • W903 Warm Grey
  • W904 Green Grey
  • W905 Cool Grey
  • W805 Shadow Grey
  • W806 Cosmic Grey
  • W803 Neutral Tint
  • W804 Payne’s Grey
  • W801 Oxide Black