Aquatone Artist Watercolour – The Granulating set (10*15ml tubes)



This set contains a set of 15ml tubes of the granulating colours from Aquatone Artist Watercolours.

Granulation in watercolours refers to the unique textural effect that occurs when certain pigments in the paint settle into small, grain like particles on the surface of the paper. This results in rich, dappled effect that can add depth and interest into a painting.


This set contain the following colours:

  • W311 Cosmic Pink
  • W403 Manganese Violet
  • W501 French Ultramarine
  • W507 Ultramarine Turquoise
  • W509 Midnight Blue
  • W409 Midnight Violet
  • W702 Brown Oxide
  • W805 Shadow Grey
  • W806 Cosmic Grey
  • W801 Oxide Black